Announcing our new Vice President!

We’re delighted to tell you all that Jane Lewis will be the Vice President of the Nevern Show in 2017, supporting Richard Butler, this year’s President.

Jane is very much following in her family tradition. Her father, Vivian Lewis was President of Nevern Show not once but twice! The first time, in the late 1980s, and secondly in 2012. In 2012, Jane was poised to step in as her Dad was unwell, but in the end it wasn’t necessary. As she says,

Dad was always involved in the Nevern Show even when he was ill. He was proud to be part of the show and I was with him in 2012 ready to step in to help during the day, but he  undertook his duties without the need for me to step in.”

Vivian Lewis retired to Nevern, but had been a frequent visitor to the village before then, coming most weekends and for holidays. As a keen fisherman he got to know many local farmers and was very much involved with the village and with the Show – as his involvement as president on two occasions shows. Vivian sadly passed away in 2012, but not until he had carried out his duties!

Twice president of the Nevern Show Vivian Lewis with his daughter Jane who is now following in her father's footsteps
Vice president for 2017, Jane Lewis, with her father Vivian who was twice president of the Nevern Show

Jane, a manager for the Welsh Government’s Regional Learning and Skills Partnership, has a background in marketing, organising food festivals and event management. She is delighted to be renewing her family’s links with the Nevern Show in 2017.

It was an honour to be asked to be the Vice President this year, and I want to be involved and follow in Dad’s footsteps in this way. I’m looking forward to supporting the Show’s President this year, and seeing how things work, before hopefully stepping in to the President’s shoes for next year.

We’re really pleased that Jane is involved in the show, and hope you will all join us in congratulating her!