What’s Happening

Join us for a great day out with the family, the flock or friends.

What’s On at Nevern Show

Run by locals, the Nevern Show welcomes all and is the perfect family day out for tourists and locals alike. Set in picturesque grounds with panoramic views of the Welsh countryside, come along and enjoy some of our horse show classes.

When you’ve finished enjoying the excitement of the competitions, you can visit our craft tent, falconry display or horseshoeing demonstrations, as well as enjoying the local produce on offer throughout the grounds.

Truly the heart of the community, we have become an institution for locals with many saving the date in their diary for years, come and join us by buying a ticket online or purchasing a ticket upon arrival.

Our Events

Our Events

Get Involved

You can easily get involved with our events just by providing a few details. So, whether you think your animal could be best in the show, or you think that you could educate our punters through your arts and crafts or agricultural skills, find out more by following the link below.

Trade Stands

Support Local Businesses

While you’re enjoying our activities throughout the day, why not network with local businesses and get to know what they offer before placing your next order for farming equipment.


Learn & Get Informed

We love to educate visitors about agriculture and horticulture. Working with 6 primary schools, we nurture and inspire the next generation, working closely with local young farmers clubs.

Our Show Schedule

With lots to do at Nevern Show, it’s often best to plan your day out so that you can make sure you see all that you would like to.

Make yourself familiar with all agendas so whether you’re a food fanatic, a competition captivator or a livestock lover, you can plan your perfect day, not missing a thing.

If you have any questions about any of our events, see our Facebook page for any updates or make sure to get in touch below.

Overview of the Classes

Get involved! If you think you have the best showjumper, know the best young handler or believe you have the best livestock to win our competition.

Showjumping is organised by Tivyside Riding Club and we encourage everyone to get involved to put on the best entertainment possible for our spectators. So, if you see a class that you think is perfect for you, sign up below. Who knows, you could be a winner.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about the day’s events and activities, how you can get involved or any other queries, check out Facebook page for updates or just get in touch with our team.